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Interior Design is making the best possible use of the available space

Here at Cuckfield Bathrooms, we are trained in 3D CAD (computer aided design) with Virtual Worlds software.

Working from either Architects plans or a site visit, we input the measurements into our software, Virtual Worlds, and create the walls, windows and doors for your room. From here, we can input scaled products from many bathroom suppliers to draw up an idea of how the room will look. Various sizes and finishes can be determined as well as tiling patterns so you can envisage your future bathroom.  Once this is complete we can email a document showing the design with some various angles or get you to come in and go through the designs together. 3D designing is vital to make sure everything fits into the room to avoid mistakes and ensure a smoother process. It is also very handy for your installer to have a set of drawings whilst he gets to work!

We can also produce photo realistic images for trade so you can really impress your clients.

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